Spoiler Policy

Spoiler Alert: There will be spoilers. Not one or two. Not every once in a while. ALL THE TIME. We are here to discuss a book in full, not to review it for you. As such, we will cover any and all plot twists, even if it is TOTALLY MIND BLOWING. We will do it even if it is the biggest surprise in the history of story telling. And we will do it without remorse.

Here is our reasoning:

1) We want to have a thorough discussion of the book we’re discussing and we don’t want to hamstring that discussion by making portions of the book off limits.

2) We hope listeners are familiar with the books that we’re covering. We’re covering a lot of classics and contemporary classics that most readers already know.

3) If a story is well written with strong themes and characters, it is worth reading even if you already know what happens. Hearing plot details in advance doesn’t have to “spoil” anything.

We acknowledge that not everyone will agree with us. If you are one of those people, we suggest that you not listen to episodes that cover books you haven’t read. There will not be specific spoiler warnings within episodes, but there will be a blanket warning at the beginning. Consider yourself warned.


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