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It’s time for some precocious children who love books! Unless 29 and 24 year old people can no longer be considered “precocious” or “children,” in which case there is only one child. And that child is Matilda Wormwood. And that may be the first time I’ve seen her full name. It’s weirding me out, maybe that’s why Roald Dahl only refers to his title character as “Matilda.” She’s probably well known enough to have first name only status at this point. Anyhoo, join us as we discuss characters and their lack of character, where Matilda falls on the Jedi spectrum, and whether four year old children should be able to read Steinbeck. And child abuse. Lots of child abuse.

This week’s music bump is “Read a Book” by Bomani Armah, for reasons which are both clear and present. Or something like that.

14 – Matilda – Rage Miracles

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