Peter Pan

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Come fly with Novel Ideas to the Neverland, where you will learn that Peter Pan is more of a dick than you remember. That’s right, this week we’re discussing Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. It’s a whimsical, fantastical story that everyone is familiar with in general, if not necessarily in details. In this episode, we discuss why YA is a difficult genre to define, why the protagonist of this story is difficult to define, and why the theme of this story is difficult to define. Basically, we don’t know anything about anything this week. We also talk about very British exchanges, the importance of good form, and why adults should try not to suck ass. And we touch on racism and feminism because we’re, you know, us.

The music bump this week is Frank Mantooth’s arrangement of “Imagination,” because that’s how you fly to the Neverland. Or fly in general.

Our reading recommendations:

Gabs: 6/10 if you’re an adult, 9/10 if you’re a kid

Ben: 8/10 because it’s legitimately funny

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