The Alchemist

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Bestseller Month continues with The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, an inspirational (perhaps?) story about a shepherd finding his Personal Legend. This is one of the bestselling books of all time, and despite its English language release date of nearly twenty years ago, it is currently on the NY Times bestseller list in the paperback category. This is the book that will not die. So why is this such an international phenomenon. Well… we have no idea. Listen to the episode to hear us discuss that point, as well as love at first sight, spirituality, and the importance of making decisions. We also get into what time period this book takes place in, whether we are book snobs, and our issues with Fatima’s Personal Legend.

The music bump is “Listen to Your Heart” by A.J. Holmes, Carlos Valdes, and Darren Criss because it’s thematically appropriate.

The Alchemist – Easy Dream Interpretation


This book is blend of mysticism and motivational speaking. If you’re into the inspirational/spiritual genre, you will probably like it. If you think more like us:

Ben: 4/10. Too short to be truly bad.

Gabs: 3/10, mostly due to blah

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