Harry Poddercast Roundtable Part 1

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Welcome to the concluding episode of the Harry Poddercast Extravaganza, our roundtable discussion of the entire series. Or perhaps Harry Potter is just too huge to be disposed of so easily. Turns out, we can’t end it in a reasonable length of time. This is Part 1 of our roundtable, with Part 2 going up later today, or possibly tomorrow morning. In this episode, we primarily discuss characters and issues related to characterization. We talk about love, choice, angst, imperfection, redemption, and some of favorite/least favorite characters. We also discuss Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, why you shouldn’t mess with old ladies, and Neville being Neville. There’s also a noticeable, but hopefully not too distracting, amount of whiny dog in the background from time to time. Sorry about that, he just wanted in on the action.

The music bump is “One Last Time” by Dream Theater, because I like to make them look like liars. Filthy, filthy liars.


The books are already read, so if you’re listening to this, we hope you know exactly what you’re getting into!