Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

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Gabs was out of town this week, so we’re posting one of our test episodes this week. This was recorded months ago, before we started posting, to see if we could actually do this. It turned out well enough to bank it for possible future use, so here it is. Lord of the Flies is, of course, one of the more commonly assigned readings due to its young cast and the overwhelming amount of symbolism. In this episode, we cover the various charming personalities involved, the probable deaths of several young children, and bring you inside on the “Ralph hates girly things” joke that has appeared in other episodes.

There is no music bump this week because none was added when the episode was originally mixed. If you need an intro, just shout “Sucks to your ass-mar!” before you play the file.

11 – Lord of the Flies – Sucks to your Ass-mar!