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The Stand

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In this episode of Novel Ideas, everybody dies. This week we discuss The Stand by Stephen King, a book about the apocalypse, or at least an apocalypse. And surprisingly, not many people survive the end of the world. In the course of our conversation we get around to most of the characters, many of the events, and some of the significance. Fans of the book will recognize that many details don’t get covered because this book was loooooooooooong. But we hit the highlights, including the demographics of the apocalypse (though Ben’s math is not exactly, you know, correct), the likely pathways of social breakdown, the static nature of characters, and whether the final act is necessary.

The music bump this week is “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult. It is referenced in the book and happens to be a celebration of the fact that everybody dies.

12 – The Stand – Now You UnTheStand

The Merchant of Venice, Part 2

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Welcome back for part 2 ofThe Merchant of Venice podcast! In this episode, guest star Anthony Funari returns to wrap up the discussion. We cover the stuff we didn’t quite get to in part 1, such as Shylock. He’s just a little bit important. We also discuss whether the fifth act is even necessary, how this play stands out compared to other plays of its time, and give a few suggestions on what other Shakespeare plays you might want to read. We once again set the bar high in broadcast professionalism as this episode was almost titled “Revenge of the Landscapers.” As it turns out, they get upset when you keep them off the air for a few weeks.

Administrative note: There have been a couple of minor changes to the schedule, due primarily toThe Stand being 1,745,122 pages long. Check the schedule page if you want to see what’s really going to happen around here the next couple weeks.

The music bump is once again Mendelssohn’s “Overture to a Midsummer’s Night Dream” for the same reasons as last week, with the additional reason of “we’re too lazy to come up with a new piece of music this week.”

10 – The Merchant of Venice, Part 2 – Shylock’s Revenge