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This week on Novel Ideas is Holes by Louis Sachar, an award winning YA novel that has become a modern classic. Many of you read it and loved it as children, plus there is a movie that we’re doing a bad job of pretending does not exist. In this episode we talk about the surreal atmosphere of the story, race issues, the justice system, and whether the plot is powered by fate or coincidence. We also touch on the possibility of Newberry Death Month, whether a rooster is just a rooster, and the various little known powers of onions.

The music bump this week is Fiction Plane’s setting of Louis Sachar’s lullaby from the book, though in a form that is not notably lullaby-ish. Also, this setting would probably play over the end credits of the movie version of Holes, if such a movie existed.

41 – Holes – Sam’s Secret Mountain Onion Garden

Game of Thrones

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This week on Novel Ideas, a rather exhausted pair of book loving siblings cover Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. As everyone who isn’t currently living under a rock is aware, this bestselling book is also a rather well regarded show on HBO. We make some comparisons between the two, though we mainly focus on the book. All in all, it’s  a slightly unfocused episode this week as fatigue leads us strange noises, an inability to focus on a topic, and pointless repetition. We also talk about ridiculous podcast ideas, GRRM’s version of a cliffhanger, the motivations of villains, and strong female characters. Also, sigh, incest.

The music this week is Ramin Dwajadi’s title theme to the “Game of Thrones” series on HBO, but I probably don’t have to tell you that unless you’re still hanging out under that rock.

20 – Game of Thrones – What’s West of Westeros